Car Park Decking System



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Technische Daten

Size5kg unit
Primer RequiredResincoat Deckflex Primer
Product NameCar park decking system
AppearanceSmooth medium gloss finish
CompositionPolyurethane of medium viscosity combined with abrasion resistant fine fillers
Availability1-2 days for standard orders. Custom colours and non stock up to 3-5 days
DurabilityHeavy duty
Thickness0.25mm to 1mm
SubstratesConcrete, grano, metals and asphalts etc
Ambient Temperature10 degrees minimum
Drying Time16 hours between coats
Product Components1 part Resin, 1 part Activator
Technical DataPlease see Veriflex 500 datasheet for more information
Coverage15m2 per coat (5kg unit)
Typical InstallationsChemical plant, storage areas, stairs and steps, warehousing, toilets and food preparation etc
Application - Pot Time (Hours)20 min



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    Car Park Decking System

    Car Park Decking System

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