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Resincoat Industrial Floor Paint


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Technische Daten

Size2.5kg - 10kg
Primer RequiredNo
Product NameUltracoat
AppearanceSmooth gloss industrial paint finish
CompositionSolvent free industrial floor paint of medium viscosity combined with abrasion resistant fine fillers
AvailabilityStandard 1-2 Days. Bespoke 3-5 days.
DurabilityHigh industrial strength
SubstratesConcrete, grano, metals and asphalts etc
Ambient TemperatureDuring application 5 degrees min.
Drying Time24 hrs
Product ComponentsResin and Activator
Technical DataSee industrial floor paint technical data sheet in Downloads
CoverageMaximum 16m2 per coat (5kg unit)
Typical InstallationsPainting industrial floors, warehousing, toilets, food preparation areas, garages, engineers stores etc

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Great paint

My new floor looks amazing, really good paint


    purchased a few times, really happy with the product

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      Resincoat Industrial Floor Paint

      Resincoat Industrial Floor Paint

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