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Size2.5kg - 10kg
Product NameUltracoat
AppearanceSmooth gloss industrial paint finish
CompositionSolvent free industrial floor paint of medium viscosity combined with abrasion resistant fine fillers
AvailabilityStandard 1-2 Days. Bespoke 3-5 days.
DurabilityHigh industrial strength
ThicknessHigh build 0.4mm to 1mm
SubstratesConcrete, grano, metals and asphalts etc
Ambient TemperatureDuring application 5 degrees min.
Drying Time24 hrs
Product ComponentsResin and Activator
CoverageMaximum 16m2 per coat (5kg unit)
Typical InstallationsPainting industrial floors, warehousing, toilets, food preparation areas, garages, engineers stores etc

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Would order again

Ordered the mid grey in this for my double garage and it turned out great. Nice gloss finish. Also paid for the next day delivery option which arrived on time. Watched the application video on how to apply and had no problems thanks Resincoat!

    Floor paint

    We coated our new unit with this floor paint a few weeks ago and the finish is immaculate. Highly recommend.

      Tony Mansell

      I really wanted a nice floor so I looked to use this kit . Well I am delighted with the result. I hired the machine as shown in the video, and although a lot of work and dust it prepared the surface as suggested. The deep primer was easy to work and did not need to be rushed. The two top coats were hard work and you need to be ready to go, and an extra pair of hands is useful as it does start to go off after 25 mins. I also used the crack filler, I have been left with some bubble holes as my concrete was not perfect. TIP. If you have a small container and place it on kitchen scales, zero it then pour 2 grams of base to 1 gram of hardener you can make small mixes. I have been doing this and using a small screwdriver to drip tiny amounts of crack filler into some of the bubble holes, When it dries it looks great. Really pleased with the complete job.

        Garage floor paint

        Resincoat garage floor paint is a great product. Really happy with how easy it went down, thanks to Saskia for all the advice on preparation.


          We have just coated our double garage in light grey. Never used epoxy before but really pleased with the results and was quite easy to do actually thanks for advice

            best garage floor paint

            After having issues with another company for their poor quality paint we decided to try Resincoat and haven't looked back since. Great quality product, definitely the best we have used for our renovation projects.

              high quality

              This paint is so much better quality than other 2 pack paints I have used. The paint is thicker and doesn't always go as far but the quality is totally different so the paint doesn't just lift a week after applying... Will be buying from Resincoat every time in future.

                Floor paint

                Ordered in light grey and i'm very happy with it! Delivery was also one day earlier than expected which allowed us time to make a head start on our project.

                  Resincoat HB

                  Resincoat garage floor paint is excellent, very happy with the finish and will use again and recommend.

                    Good quality paint

                    I purchased the single garage floor paint kit to cover 18sq metres on a new concrete floor. It did help by using the primer which sealed the surface. The second coat went on well. You do need a helper to cut in while you're rolling. I applied each coat in the morning when it was cool and easily had 30 mins working time. There was enough paint in each tin to cover nicely with a bit to spare. It's not cheap but it does give a great finish. Well worth the effort.

                      garage floor paint

                      Really impressed with this product, painted our concrete garage in light grey and it came out great. Dried quick too.


                        This is a good product but care is needed in its application. The product notes do not appear to mention the problem I experienced. I used it on my 50+ year old 17sq metre concrete garage floor; relatively smooth, level, dry, clean and grease-free. I did not use a primer but intimidated by the cure time, I worked quickly to apply the 5kg pack. In my haste but unaware at the time, I spread the paint too thickly. The result was the 5Kg pack did not go far enough and only did about 60% of the area. Worse still, because I had not taken care to roll out the product thoroughly and thinly, a large part of the area produced small air bubbles. I subsequently bought a 2.5kg pack to finish off the first coat and another 5kg pack for a complete second coat. Learning from my previous error, the 2.5kg pack was more than enough to complete the first coat, producing a good finish which demonstrated to me that one coat – properly applied – would have been sufficient. The product is so tough that I could not completely remove evidence of the first coat air bubbles with my sander. Despite that, the second coat produced a very good finish.

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                        great epoxy

                        Fantastic product and service was excellent. Only thing was we probably could have done with another tin for the last few bits.

                          Very good

                          Ordered standard delivery and received next day, very happy with the service and the floor paint has gone down a treat on our new concrete floor.

                            Highly recommend

                            Used this in our new show garage and it looks fantastic, highly recommend.

                              damp garage

                              great paint that I used with a damp tolerant primer recommended by john. very much appreciated. so far so good!

                                great service

                                I recently purchased this after seeing the advert on Facebook. The sales woman I spoke to was very helpful and my new floor looks great. Would recommend two coats, it was worth the money

                                  Not that easy to use

                                  As an amateur I had a few issues using this paint. I didn't appreciate quite how quickly it would become unworkable, attempted to lay 5kg over 20m2 by myself and only managed less than half, not least due to the time spent cutting in. Was a mistake to push on when it started to become unworkable as I ended up with a few thick streaks of paint before I gave it up. Was easier on the 2nd coat but still took 2 of us 30 mins to get a 5kg tin on in time. Had to order another 2.5kg tin to finish up and still a pretty uneven finish. The floors in the photos look like they may have been sprayed on?

                                  If doing it again I would order smaller tins and disregard the expense; 1ltr tin to cut in, then I suggest no more than 10m2 per person (2.5kg) in each attempt at most and preferably less. I would also try the recommended rollers instead of those recommended by my local outfit as maybe this slowed me down/ gave a worse finish.

                                  On the plus side, delivered on time with good instructions on mixing etc, no issues with the company. Maybe just need a bit more experience of this kind of job!


                                    Used this paint in my MOT centre and it looks great and seems to be really tough. Pleased with the finish thanks for the help


                                      great service, fast delivery, great product.
                                      Not much more to say


                                        Really happy with how easy this was to use, I used the videos as a guide and my floor looks really smart. Great paint and service, thanks

                                          Great service

                                          I don’t normally leave reviews but on this occasion I have to.
                                          The service from this company is second to none, Matt has been most helpful right from my first phone conversation through to completion. I can not recommend enough and will definitely be recommending them and will use them again.
                                          The product is also as described and very good.


                                            This is the second order I have had, the first some 6 months ago.
                                            This new improved coating seems to go further and spreads better.

                                              Great Product

                                              I found Resincoat a great company to deal with for advice on which product would suit my needs the best, and the product "does exactly what it says on the tin". Simple enough to do, and has given a great finish. Fully recommend.

                                                Floors for new building link

                                                I'd been recommended by a friend and I am extremely pleased with the finish. Great price. Will buy again thanks

                                                  Perfect product and service

                                                  I used this product for my garage, which was always dusty and dirty. It is a brilliant product with a high quality finish that looks great.
                                                  The customer service is first class - from advice on what I need right through to delivery.
                                                  When i asked advise they could easily have given the safe answer (ie I need to spend ages preparing and use a primer) but the advice was that I could apply without the primer and would still get a good finish - they also made it sound very simple to apply, which it was.
                                                  My only comment, which is not a negative, is that my garage was new cement so sucked up a lot of the paint so coverage wasnt quite as good as it suggests on the website - but I know this varies and when I spoke to the Company their recommendation on coverage was more accurate.
                                                  If only all companies delivered like this - US standard customer service and a first class product.

                                                    Quick thank you!

                                                    Purchased a few times now, always a good experience, great epoxy, the best I've used over the years. "I'll be back"!

                                                      Great service

                                                      Really helpful company, they certainly know about coatings and the garage floor paint is just what I wanted. Thank you

                                                        My garage floor

                                                        I just followed the instructions and got great free advice from Resincoat which resulted in my beautiful garage floor. Thanks.

                                                          Great coating

                                                          Did what it said on the tin, looks brilliant . I didn't leave it inside to condition (my fault) so struggled to get 17 sq mtrs on first coat. Second coat went on a dream, and looks great. Thanks Matt for your help

                                                            Great Quality!

                                                            I have done my car-port building in this paint - very easy to apply, comes with full and detailed instructions and packaged very well.

                                                            The finish is very high gloss and looks amazing.

                                                            Customer support is also second to none.

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                                                            Excellent Product - Great Finish

                                                            I applied primer first and then did the borders with a 1Kg can before laying the main floor paint to achieve a very good finish using the recommended roller. The only drawback for me was where I had some deeper pits in the garage floor, I found the roller wouldn't fill them so had to use a brush which required some nifty stretching and balancing! Had to work quickly due to hot weather so would suggest to others to try cooling the cans a little to give a better working time. You can tell when it is starting to cure as it becomes much harder to roll (22mins for me at 20*C). Using the paint mixer also made light work of that job increasing valuable painting time.I would also recommend using the primer first to guarantee a really good finish.In several small corner areas where I hadn't used primer it was much harder to apply the paint. All in all an excellent product.

                                                            • 3 von 3 Kunden fanden diese Bewertung hilfreich.

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                                                            Resincoat Industrial Floor Paint

                                                            Resincoat Industrial Floor Paint

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