Resincoat Oil Tolerant Primer


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Technische Daten

Size2.5kg - 10kg
Primer RequiredNo
Product NameResincoat-Prime Oilguard
AppearanceClear semi gloss
CompositionLow odour, solvent free clear 100% solids epoxy
AvailabilityNext day
DurabilityHeavy duty
Thickness200 microns
SubstratesConcrete, sand cement
Ambient Temperature10 ºC to 25 ºC during application
Drying Time24 hrs
Product ComponentsResin & Activator (2 parts)
CoverageUp to 16m2 per coat
Typical InstallationsMOT bays, engineering workshops and many other warehouse and factory spaces

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Resincoat Oil Tolerant Primer

Resincoat Oil Tolerant Primer

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