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Resincoat Industrial Floor Paint


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Technische Daten

Size2.5kg - 10kg
Primer RequiredNo
Product NameUltracoat
AppearanceSmooth gloss industrial paint finish
CompositionSolvent free industrial floor paint of medium viscosity combined with abrasion resistant fine fillers
AvailabilityStandard 1-2 Days. Bespoke 3-5 days.
DurabilityHigh industrial strength
ThicknessHigh build 0.4mm to 1mm
SubstratesConcrete, grano, metals and asphalts etc
Ambient TemperatureDuring application 5 degrees min.
Drying Time24 hrs
Product ComponentsResin and Activator
Technical DataSee industrial floor paint technical data sheet in Downloads
CoverageMaximum 16m2 per coat (5kg unit)
Typical InstallationsPainting industrial floors, warehousing, toilets, food preparation areas, garages, engineers stores etc

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Boarding cattery

We used this coating in our kennels and cattery and they look great, was easy and quick to apply.

    Kitty Comforts Boarding Cattery

    After a failed attempt using a different company to paint the chalet floors... thank goodness for Resincoat!! Absolutely fabulous advice via the online chat, initial easy ordering and so easy to apply... no calculating the additive just pour the small tin in the big tin and away you go!! Floor looks like a professional has been in.. although my cutting in is a desired taste! Also if the cats have a wee/poo on the floor it doesn’t absorb into the floor and is really easy to clean, only one vice and that is I called to reorder on the phone and was told to do it online didn’t feel it was helpful as couldn’t find what I was looking for .. I did eventually find what I was looking for again and now waiting to do another area... thanks resincoat

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      Resincoat Industrial Floor Paint

      Resincoat Industrial Floor Paint

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