Resincoat Epoxy Line Marking Paint


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Technische Daten

Size2.5kg Unit
Primer RequiredNo
Product NameResincoat-Coat Epoxyline
AppearanceGloss coloured smooth finish
CompositionTwo pack solvent free epoxy resin combined with inert fillers
AvailabilityStandard 1-2 days. Bespoke 3-5 days.
DurabilityVery heavy duty
Thickness150-200µm per coat
SubstratesConcrete, render, brickwork, block work etc
Ambient Temperature5-30 degrees minimum
Drying Time24 hrs
Product ComponentsResin and Activator (twin pack)
CoverageUp to 50 linear metres at 100mm width per coat (2.5kg unit)
Typical InstallationsWarehouses, factories etc

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just the job. Fully recommend

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    Resincoat Epoxy Line Marking Paint

    Resincoat Epoxy Line Marking Paint

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