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Polyurea Movement Joint Sealant



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Technische Daten

Size650ml Dual Cartridge
Primer RequiredNo
Product NameResincoat-Joint Rapiseal
AppearanceSmooth, self levelling grey sealant
CompositionTwo component flexible polyurea
Availability1-2 Days
DurabilityVery heavy duty jointing
SubstratesConcrete joints
Ambient TemperatureDuring application from -28 to +58 degrees
Drying Time5-10 mins
Product ComponentsDual component cartridge
Technical DataSee expansion joint sealant technical data sheet in Downloads
CoverageMaximum 4 metres @ 12mm x 12mm (650ml)
Typical InstallationsSealing concrete expansion joints in loading bays, freezer storage rooms, production zones etc.



Thanks to Matt and the team for quick service. Really good sealant will be buying again for future jobs

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    Polyurea Movement Joint Sealant

    Polyurea Movement Joint Sealant

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