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A dear friend of ours recently reached out to support him on his mission to help the UB Dog Pound in Serbia. Pete will head to Serbia late March where he is volunteering to help save dogs from kill shelters and rescue animals from the streets who are in seriously poor health or immediate and obvious danger.
One of our customers recently installed our band new liquid rubber waterproofing on their roof as a preventative measure to avoid any future leaks. We caught up with Chris after he’d installed to form a quick & easy installation guide sharing tips & tricks he learnt along the way.

How to fix a leaky roof

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The dreaded two words no homeowner wants to hear “leaky roof.” Understandably a leaky roof might make you shudder with despair as often they can be expensive jobs that take time away from your daily life. However all is not lost as there may be a way for you to fix your leaky roof without the need for a professional and within a reasonable budget

Resincoat Gain ISO 9001 Accreditation

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Well, where do we start? It’s been an exciting journey and we’re so product to announce we have gained accreditation and we are now certified at ISO 9001 standard.
There’s been lots of excitement in the offices lately as our production and marketing team received a phone call a few weeks ago informing us that we were being recognised at the Green Apple Environment Awards 2019.
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