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Friend of Resincoat volunteers at UB Dog Pound in Serbia

Friend of Resincoat volunteers at UB Dog Pound in Serbia

A dear friend of ours recently reached out to support him on his mission to help the UB Dog Pound in Serbia. If you’re like us and can’t resist but help our furry friends we rallied round and made a collective donation to this worthy cause. Pete will head to Serbia late March where he is volunteering to help save dogs from kill shelters and rescue animals from the streets who are in seriously poor health or immediate and obvious danger.

There is no animal welfare in Serbia and dogs are frequently abandoned and left to fend for themselves; often before the age of 5 months. These 'street dogs' rarely live long, are cruelly treated by strangers, poisoned and left to die. Worse, they could be picked up by dog catchers and taken to 'kill shelters' where they face inhumane treatment, torture and, ultimately a savage death.

The UB dog pound is extremely important as they care for these abandoned or neglected animals. They also provide temporary homes for dogs on the street. The pound is invaluable to the local community in Serbia and work for a noble cause; helping those who have no voice.

Marina, who runs the Pound in her spare time, whilst also being a full time teacher in a local school, is trying to legally challenge abuse in shelters managed by local authorities who do not respect the law. This is an expensive and challenging task but also very necessary to put a check on the terrible and routine mismanagement in the kill pounds against all existing regulations, even within the limited standards of Serbian law.

Pete will be volunteering from the 25th – 29th March with all monies raised going towards the feeding, comfort and veterinary care of these lovely animals.

To support Pete visit his justgiving page here

We wish Pete all the luck with his volunteering & safe travels from all of us at Resincoat!