Resincoat Fine Surface Filler is suitable for all surfaces and should be used where imperfections and holes are present. The products is ultra lightweight making it ideal for medium and fine panel damage in most substrates. The formula uses the latest lightweight technology, boasting excellent filling properties. Dries within an hour in normal conditions and then can be sanded down to create a perfect repair. The product can then be coated. DIY friendly the product is easy to work with and ensures a nice smooth finish.



This product is housed in a 3kg tin.




Before using Resincoat Fine Surface Filler, we recommend the area be thoroughly vacuumed to completely remove any loose material or existing debris which could cause the filler to set unevenly. Clean and degrease the area and then abrade with medium grit paper. Finish with a final clean to remove any of the dust left by the sandpaper ready for application.



1. Dispense a 10cm puddle of part A onto a suitable mixing surface (clean scrap plastic or a ceramic tile are ideal). 

2. Measure a single 10 cm ribbon of part B across the puddle before mixing. 

3. Using the included spreader, mix thoroughly in a figure of 8 motion to ensure a homogeneous and uniform colour mixture is achieved. Follow mix ratio carefully (ensuring you do not under or over catalyse).

4. Begin applying the product to the repair site. Apply with a pressing action to reduce air entrapment.

5. Leave to dry for 20 minutes then begin sanding.


PLEASE NOTE: The pot life of this product is 4 minutes. This means that once parts have been mixed, the paint will start to chemically cure after this time. Ensure you remove the paint from the tin in this window. The paint will then be workable on your floor for up to 6 minutes. 

Pot life = Time to harden in pot following addition of hardener

Working Time = Time to apply product before it becomes unworkable



This product should NOT be split. Taking smaller quantities from each vessel, even if measured correctly, may cause issues with activating.


Data sheet

A beige paste, housed in a 3kg tin
Product Components
Two-pack system
Typical Installations
The repair of small imperfections, cracks and damaged areas in a wide range of substrates prior to painting
Re-coat/Foot-traffic Time (at 20°C)
20 Minutes
Drying Time (at 20°C)
1 Hour
Pot Life
4 Minutes
Application Tools
Can be poured, or a Pressure Injector can be used

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Fine Surface Filler TDS

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