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New Conrete Slab

Product Advice

A new concrete slab can be coated 12 days after laying. Prepare the concrete by applying one coat of Resincoat Damp Tolerant Primer

Finish by applying two Coats of Resincoat High Build Epoxy

Tools Required


  • Use every drop of hardener.
  • Mix 3-4 mins with a paddle on a drill.
  • Don’t mix the paint until completely ready.
  • Tape up objects to paint around.
  • Cut in quickly for about 1/3 of the area.
  • On floors pour the paint in a line across the floor 1m from the back wall.
  • Use the Resincoat Epoxy Roller to push and pull the paint working it into the surface.
  • When covered finish off with a light roll in one direction.
  • Cut in again and repeat the process.
  • Don’t be tempted to use up any extra paint on the last bit, it will not cure.
  • Work quickly.
  • Don’t stop untill finished.
  • An extra pair of hands helps.