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New Concrete Screed

Product Advice

A new concrete screed can be coated when dry which would usually be within 8 -12 hours however this may vary. Prepare the concrete by appling one coat of Resincoat Damp Tolerant Primer.

Finish by applying two coats of Resincoat High Build Epoxy

Tools Required


  • Use every drop of hardener.
  • Mix 3-4 mins with a paddle on a drill.
  • Don’t mix the paint until completely ready.
  • Tape up objects to paint around.
  • Cut in quickly for about 1/3 of the area.
  • On floors pour the paint in a line across the floor 1m from the back wall.
  • Use the Resincoat Epoxy Roller to push and pull the paint working it into the surface.
  • When covered finish off with a light roll in one direction.
  • Cut in again and repeat the process.
  • Don’t be tempted to use up any extra paint on the last bit, it will not cure.
  • Work quickly.
  • Don’t stop until finished.
  • An extra pair of hands helps.