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Q. Can I use Resincoat paints in a domestic situation?

A. Resincoat products are solvent free, low odour and inert when cured making them perfect for domestic use as opposed to other epoxy resin paints on the market.

Q. What colours are available?

A. For a full list of available colours for Resincoat paints, please consult our guide which you can find here: colour guide.

Q. What tools do I need to apply these paints and is it easy to do?

A. By using our Resincoat DPM Epoxy Primer new concrete can be painted over after only 12 days curing depending on the curing conditions.

Q. When can I paint new concrete?

A. You must use an Epoxy Roller Frame and Sleeves to apply for the best results and better coverage. Anyone who is fairly handy can lay this paint system. Full detailed instructions are provided and we are always here to help. You can call us free on 0113 827 2387 or use our live chat functionality in the bottom right corner of this page.

Q. Can I paint over old paint?

A. Provided you are certain that the paint will never lift from the surface the quick answer is yes for previously Epoxy painted floors. As a rule you should always get back to the original surface to ensure a good key for the new paint.

Q. What is Polyaspartic Paint?

A. Polyaspartic Epoxy Resin has been developed to dry cure within a given parameter, usually 1 hour. The surface is the ready for another coat. We are always avialable for free advice. Phone on 0113 827 2387

Q. 'The Epoxy Paint will I get away with one coat?

A. We strongly recommend that two coats are applied, idealy a Primer first.

Q. I have a concrete roof which is in poor condition what do you recommend for an inexpensive fast cure?

A. We  have used our product Epoxy Resin DPM on the concrete roof of a store which was flooding every time it rained. 2 coats later - dry as a bone.

Q. Can I use any paint roller to apply Epoxy Resin?

A. No. A special Epoxy Resin Roller and frame should be used because it is low fluff and made especially robust to withstand the pressures of rolling out the paint. We supply all such rollers and frames.

Q. I have a new Concrete Floor. How soon can I paint it and which of your products would I use.

A. We have deveoped a product which can be used on new concrete after only 12 days of curing. This is our Damp Proof Membrane which combines with the H2O molecules in the concrete to make a bond so that subsequent coats of paint can be applied without fear of seperation.

This can now be followed by Our High Build Range of Epoxy Paints and Anti Slip range.

Q. Will your paint go over floor Tiles.

A. Yes but if the tiles are glazed the glaze will have to be removed by sanding or other abrasive technique before applying an Epoxy Primer followed by one or two coats of Epoxy Resin Paint.

If you want to cover the tiles and get a smooth finish.-Abrade the tiles as before, apply a coat of Epoxy Resin and scatter with kiln dried sand, let it cure, brush off the access sand and apply at least 5-10mm or more of Cementitious Self Leveling Compond.

One dry apply an Epoxy Primer followed by Epoxy High Build or non slip in your chosen colour.

Q. I need an Antibacterial Paint that is hygienic and easy to clean.

A. We have designed and manufactured a range of Wall and Floor coatings specifically aimed at this application.

We use Silver Ion technology to produce a range of products that is antimicrobal antibacterial, hard wearing, durable and easy to clean. They come in a range of pleasing colours that relflect the accepted medical colour spectrum.