Resincoat Concrete Floor Paint


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Fiche technique

Size 5kg Unit
Primer Required No
Product Name Resincoat-Coat Toughcoat
Appearance Smooth coloured silk finish
Composition Solvent free low viscosity epoxy resin
Availability Standard 1-2 days. Non-stock 3-5 days
Durability Heavy duty
Thickness 200 microns (two coats)
Substrates Concrete, grano, metals and asphalts etc
Ambient Temperature During application 5-30 degrees
Drying Time 24-36 hrs
Product Components Resin & Activator
Coverage Maximum 35m2 per coat (5kg unit)
Typical Installations Painting concrete floors in garages, warehouse floors and storage areas etc


Garage walls

Very easy to apply thanks Archie and Matt for discount after sending the wrong grey :) all ended well!

Factory walls

Very easy to apply, cheaper than the HB and better for walls and upright surfaces. Would recommend, thanks Andy and Matt

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Resincoat Concrete Floor Paint

Resincoat Concrete Floor Paint

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