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In our video gallery we have with visual examples to help answer your questions and demonstrate our products. This page should help you get a first-hand look into what Resincoat products can achieve and guide you to creating the perfect finish on your floor every time.

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Floor Paint Product Guides



What You'll Need To Get Started

This guide takes you through the safety equipment you should wear whilst using Resincoat products.



What's Inside a Resincoat Box?

Find out what you'll get inside your box when you order from Resincoat with this useful guide.

How To Prepare The Substrate - Concrete Preparation Guide

Part of achieving a great finish to your floor is preparing your substrate correctly. This video willl show you the best practices to give you the best results. If you're unsure about the current state of your flooring, get in touch and we will offer further recommendation on how to prepare it for epoxy paints.


How To Choose The Correct Primer for Your Job - Primer Guide

Another key part of the painting process is choosing the correct primer for your job. All surfaces are different and could require different types of primer. This video will explain what Resincoat can offer.



How To Apply Primer - Tips & Tricks

In this video we share some useful tips and tricks to make sure you apply your primer correctly, guaranteeing the best results at the end of your job.


How To Apply Concrete Screed - Preparing Your Surface for Epoxy Paints

This video will answer questions you may have about applying concrete screed and preparing your surface for Resincoat floor paints.


How To Paint Your Garage Floor - Using Resincoat Epoxy Garage Floor Paint

This guide will show you the best way to paint your garage floor with Resincoat garage floor paint for the smooth, perfect results every time.



Guide to Flake Systems for Floor Paint - Creating a Stand Out Finish

To add a unique finish to your floor have you considered Resincoat flaking systems? This video will showcase one of the many looks flakes can achieve for your garage floor.