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UberSeal Anti-Condensation...
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UberSeal Anti-Condensation Paint

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UberSeal Anti-Condensation Paint is engineered to reduce the presence of condensation. By incorporating hollow glass micro-beads, thermal energy is deflected from the wall hindering moisture accumulation, in turn reducing mould growth.


  • Walls resist condensation 60% longer for enhanced protection
  • Retains efficacy even when applied under paint and wallpaper
  • Inhibits black mould and harmful fungi formation effectively
  • Environmentally friendly with antibacterial properties for safer use
UberSeal Mould Wash - Spray
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UberSeal Mould Wash - Spray

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Eliminate mould from walls and ceilings using our UberSeal Mould Wash Spray. This formula is engineered to effectively eradicate black mould, fungi, mildew, and algae across a variety of different surfaces and substrates.


  • Suitable for amateur users and professionals alike
  • Eradicates mould, mildew, and algae from both indoor and outdoor areas
  • Functions as a preparatory wash and a comprehensive biocidal cleaner
  • Applicable on masonry, tiles, wood, and painted surfaces effectively


Products and chemicals used in the treatment of mould, lichen and other substances created from the existence of moisture. Pre-treatment and maintenance for water and damp proofing projects.