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Metallic Epoxy Coating Sample Kit

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£18.33 ex VAT.

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Please note this is a sample kit!


Resincoat metallic epoxy sample kit is a great way for you to get a feel for our three component, high performance, metallic epoxy coating system. This kit offers customers a chance to test the product in their desired environment getting a true feel for the colours and overall finish.


Sample Kit Covers 0.625m2 & Contains:

•    Resincoat Metallic Primer

•    Resincoat Epoxy Metallic Paint 

•    2 x Pigments

•    2 x Mixing Pots & Sticks

Forced Action Mixer, 4 Bag, Quattro Mix, 120L

Price £2,400.00

£2,000.00 ex VAT.

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This 120 Litre 4 Bag Forced Action Mixer from Quattro Mix is the 'best in class' when it comes to performance and quality for Resin Bound mixing. The mixer is highly efficient and suitable for use with resin bound, concrete, rubber crumb, resins and screeds.


  • 110V, 1.3kW output with Safety Cut Out
  • Hardened steel mixing arms
  • Protective chute guard
  • One person loading
  • Serrated Bag Splitter for ease of use

Resincoat Application Accessory Kit

Price £59.99

£49.99 ex VAT.

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Resincoat Application Accessory Kit is a comprehensive toolset designed for both professionals and DIY enthusiasts. This kit includes top-quality nylon rollers that ensure a flawless, even application of sealers and paints, guaranteeing a professional-grade finish every time. Whether you're tackling a small-scale home improvement task or a larger flooring project, this kit will help you achieve exceptional results.

Kits include:

1 X Paint Roller Frame
3 x 12" Paint Roller Sleeves
3 x Paint Brushes
1 x Paint Scuttle 
1 x 5l Mixing Paddle
4 x Disposable Gloves


Note: Roller frame requires wooden mop handle - not included with this pack.

Metallic Epoxy Countertop Kit

Regular price £60.00 Price £45.00 -25%

£37.50 ex VAT.

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Resincoat Metallic Epoxy Countertop Kit is ideal for homeowners to create stunning, unique designs transforming any existing surface. Use our kit to coat directly over countertops, kitchen islands and other surfaces to create stunning marble effects and attractive metallic surfaces. The kit is easy to install and is a cost effective method for DIY users to achieve a high quality, professional finish.


1.25m² Kit Contains:

  • Resincoat Metallic Primer
  • Resincoat Metallic Epoxy Paint (Already Pigmented) *Please choose your 2 colours using the drop down boxes. Colours will be supplied with a 50-50 ratio.
  • Resincoat Water-based Top Coat

*Please take care when selecting your primer colour as this may show through in the final finish


  • Great alternative to marble or granite

  • Easy to clean & wipe down

  • Amazing finishes at a cost-effective price

  • Totally unique design & finish

  • Great choice of colour options - high gloss finish

Resincoat Cleaning Fluid

Price £24.00

£20.00 ex VAT.

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Resincoat Cleaning Fluid is a safe, VOC free solvented cleaning fluid for Epoxy Floors that have oil, grease or tyre marks.


  • Easy to use

  • Cleans oil, grease, petrol stains, tyre marks and more!

  • Superb coverage

  • Readily Biodegradeable

Coving Trowel

Price £32.00

£26.67 ex VAT.

Availability: 49930 In Stock

What is a Coving Trowel?

This coving trowel is designed with a curved edge which is commonly used by the professionals to install polyurethane coving with ease.

Metallic Epoxy Floor Coating Kit

Regular price £478.80 Price £359.10 -25%

£299.25 ex VAT.

Availability: 5000 In Stock

Resincoat Metallic Epoxy is a three component, high performance concrete floor coating system. This paint can create amazing marble effect floors and highly attractive metallic surfaces. With a vast range of colours you can create striking unique designs. Easy to install the finish can be achieved by any user no matter their experience.


Benefits Of Metallic Epoxy Paint:

  • No contractors required

  • UV resistant

  • Quick & easy installation - long pot life

  • Totally unique design & finish

  • Great choice of colour options - high gloss finish


Sample product available for just £22!


Resincoat Etch and Clean

Price £28.00

£23.33 ex VAT.

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Resincoat Etch and Clean is the easy way to prepare and clean your concrete floor before painting or resurfacing.


This product can be used on brick and concrete surfaces to remove laitance and neutralize alkalinity in new concretes (concretes must be at least 1 month old).


  • Removes a weak, dusty layer (laitance) on new floors

  • Provides a key for future coatings on smooth concrete

  • Excellent alternative to mechanical surface prep

  • Reduces alkalinity of new concrete to ensure a great bond

  • Colour changing formula indicates neutralisation

Silicone Sausage Combi Applicator

Price £38.40

£32.00 ex VAT.

Availability: 49973 In Stock

Designed to allow for easy DIY application of silicone sausage products.

Recommended for easy application of Resincoat Expansion Joint Sealer


  • Supplied with 5 interchangeable nozzles

  • Great for medium-high viscosity materials

  • Quick release trigger

  • Threaded caps

  • 600ml capacity

Flooring Trowel

Price £19.99

£16.66 ex VAT.

Availability: 49875 In Stock

This Forge Steel high quality flooring trowel is 280mm x 120mm in dimensions and equipped with a soft grip handle for easy application and comfort whilst applying flooring products. The blade is made from carbon steel making this tool durable enough for most flooring and other trowel applied jobs.


  • High quality carbon steel blade
  • Comfort soft-grip handle
  • 280mm x 120mm blade
  • Professional quality

Gauging Trowel

Price £11.99

£9.99 ex VAT.

Availability: 49959 In Stock

What is a Gauging Trowel?

As well as mixing and applying repair mortars, this gauging trowel can be used as a handy on-site tool for opening tins and scraping out remaining contents of paint from a tin.

Mixing Paddle

Price £5.99

£4.99 ex VAT.

Availability: 48662 In Stock

Paint Mixing Paddle

This medium duty mixing paddle is capable of mixing paint, coatings, sealers and light mortars. 

Floor Paint Brush

Price £1.78

£1.48 ex VAT.

Availability: 48006 In Stock

Resincoat 2" brushes are often essential for coating application. These brushes are excellent for cutting in around intricate areas and can be used effectively when line marking or painting stairs. The paint brush offers versatility in areas which are not easily accessed when using a nylon roller. They allow careful application and neat edging as well as aiding close control of the coating thickness.

  • Excellent for cutting in
  • Neat edging
  • Close control of thickness
  • Ideal for use with epoxy coatings

Spiked Shoes, Black, One Size Fits All

Price £34.45

£28.71 ex VAT.

Availability: 49677 In Stock

Spiked Shoes are designed to fit all feet sizes and to allow the user to walk over freshly painted or screeded surfaces without leaving footprints and ruining the finish of the floor. These shoes will bleed air in the same way a spiked roller would.

  • 1 Pair, one size fits all
  • 35mm spikes
  • 2 adjustable nylon fiber straps

Resincoat Pinhole Filler

Price £52.99

£44.16 ex VAT.

Availability: 465 In Stock

Resincoat Pinhole Filler is an ultra-strong, lightweight multi-functional repair filler ideal for repairing small cracks, blemishes and pinholes in concrete, screeds, self-levelling layers, metals and resin coatings. Easy to use, the product cures quickly to high strengths while remaining easy to sand and abrade for further coating.


  • High resin content

  • Lightweight & smooth

  • Easy to mix, use & apply

  • Good adhesive strength

  • Specially formulated for easy sanding

  • DIY friendly


All our resin products are proudly manufactured, tested and packed by Resincoat in the UK to the highest ISO9001 standards.

Epoxy Resin Roller Sleeve

Price £9.99

£8.33 ex VAT.

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Resincoat Epoxy Resin Roller Sleeve is expertly crafted from thermo-bonded nylon & stands resilient against chemicals that typically harm roller sleeves. It's the ideal choice for projects involving solvent-based materials and 2-component paints, such as our epoxy and polyurethane resins. With precision application, exceptional durability, and compatibility with our own resin products, this versatile roller sleeve ensures professional-quality results, always.

  • Chemical resistant
  • Durable thermo-bonded nylon
  • Precision application
  • Ideal for use with epoxy coatings

Resincoat offer a fantastic choice of essential tools and disposables, preparation and cleaning products, floor primers, fixing and floor maintenance and much more! We provide a 'one stop shop' solution for all your DIY needs so that you can get the job done hassle free.