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Resincoat Self Levelling...
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Resincoat Self Levelling Compound

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Discover Resincoat Self Levelling Compound, the ultimate fibre-reinforced solution for efficient floor smoothing. Perfect for a range of surfaces and thicknesses (3-50mm), it's specially designed for interior use and as an ideal base before applying a resin floor. Achieve a flawless finish quickly, ready for foot traffic in just 4 hours.


  • Foot traffic ready in 4 hours

  • Excellent wear resistance

  • Flexibility & strength combined

  • Free flowing, easily pumped

  • Unmatched floor smoothing precision 

  • Underfloor heating compatible 

Resincoat Tack Coat

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Resincoat tack coat is a resin adhesive primer for use before screeding or prior to use of Resincoat Concrete Repair products. The tack coat will seal the damaged concrete and create a key between existing concrete and repair materials. The Tack Coat will also help prevent any flaking or loose material from interupting the curing process of subsequent repair products.


  • Suitable for internal and external applications

  • Easy to apply - DIY friendly

  • Quick cure time

  • Good coverage rates

Resincoat Epoxy Primer

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Resincoat Epoxy Primer is a high-quality, low viscosity, solvent-free epoxy primer that serves as an excellent base coat for surfaces prior to painting. Its industrial twin pack formulation allows it to penetrate deeply into the existing substrate, providing an excellent seal and preparing the surface for optimal adhesion of the top coat. 


  • Easy to mix & apply

  • Two Part Epoxy (Includes A & B)

  • Excellent adhesion & sealing qualities

  • Superb coverage

  • Solvent free


Heavy Duty PRS Penetrating Epoxy System

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Resincoat PRS Penetrating Epoxy System is a clear, solvent-free, low viscosity epoxy resin formulation that acts as a penetrating sealer and binder for strengthening and restoring poorly compacted or low strength screeds or concretes. This system penetrates deep into the substrate, filling voids and consolidating loose particles. This is a two part unit with pre-weighed resin and activator. 


  • Easy To Mix & Apply

  • 2 Part Epoxy System

  • Maximum Sealing & Binding for Weak Floors

  • Superb Coverage

Spiked Roller with Frame

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Resincoat Spiked Roller with Frame is an industrial grade spiked roller which is essential when using self levelling compounds and other screeding products on your floors or surfaces. The roller helps get rid of air pockets in Resincoat products and aids the leveling process.

Resincoat Etch and Clean

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Resincoat Etch and Clean is the easy way to prepare and clean your concrete floor before painting or resurfacing.


This product can be used on brick and concrete surfaces to remove laitance and neutralize alkalinity in new concretes (concretes must be at least 1 month old).


  • Removes a weak, dusty layer (laitance) on new floors

  • Provides a key for future coatings on smooth concrete

  • Excellent alternative to mechanical surface prep

  • Reduces alkalinity of new concrete to ensure a great bond

  • Colour changing formula indicates neutralisation

Resincoat Epoflow Self Levelling Screed - 24KG

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Resincoat Epoflow Self Levelling Screed is a trowel applied flow topping formulated and designed to be laid 2mm-3mm thick. This is ideal for users who want to simultaneously screed and coat their floor. It gives a very hard wearing, easy to clean, hygienic, smooth and glossy finish. Perfect for repairing damaged or uneven floors where a premium quality finish is required.


  • Self Levelling, Smooth Gloss Finish

  • Low Odour, Solvent Free Formula

  • Surface Usable in 24 hours

  • Low Viscosity, Easy Flow Formula

  • Superb Coverage

Resicove Polyurethane Coving Mortar

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£40.00 ex VAT.

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Resicove Polyurethane Coving Mortar is the best way to create coved skirting on your concrete floors. The system will cure harder than concrete ensuring a smooth, impact resistant finish that will stand the test of time. Resicove is suitable for use both indoors or outdoors, impervious and dust free, making it ideal for new build flooring.


  • Cures harder than concrete

  • Anti-slip properties built in

  • High quality polyurethane

  • Easy to mix & apply

  • Long lasting finish

Exterior Floor Levelling Compound

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Resincoat Exterior Floor Levelling and Resurfacing Compound is a cutting-edge fibre-reinforced system designed to repair and resurface damaged or weakened concrete. The formula is suitable for use under external coverings or on areas exposed to rain or frost such as walkways and driveways. This product creates a solid subfloor for subsequent application of paints and coatings.


  • Water Mix System

  • 4 Hour walk on time

  • Suitable as a subfloor for most Resin-based paints

  • Suitable for pump application

  • 3 - 50mm bed thickness

Resincoat Fast Cure Epoxy Primer

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Resincoat Fast Cure Epoxy Primer is ideal for fast turnaround flooring projects. The primer rapidly cures in 3 hours, at 20°C, allowing you to prime and paint the floor in 1 day. The primer is suitable for sound concrete protecting and sealing your surface ready to paint. By using a primer you improve the coverage of your top coat, as well as improving the durability of your epoxy floor paint.


  • Ideal for use with Resincoat Fast Cure Garage Floor Paint

  • Excellent adhesion & sealing qualities

  • UK Manufactured

  • High strength formula

  • Oil tolerant

  • Superb coverage

Resincoat Polyscreed Industrial Polyurethane...

Price £96.00

£80.00 ex VAT.

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Resincoat Polyscreed is a three part resin rich polyurethane floor screed ideal for use in industrial settings. Designed to provide exceptional mechanical properties and chemical resistance this screed can be used in breweries, chemical factories & food preparation areas. Boasting a stylish matt finish in a choice of colours with high grade slip resistance. The polyurethane screed is stable to steam cleaning at a thickness of 9mm.


  • Slip resistant built-in

  • High mechanic & abrasion resistance

  • Seamless matt finish

  • Incredibly hard wearing

  • Steam cleanable