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UberSeal 3mm Waterproof...
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UberSeal 3mm Waterproof Floor Membrane - 40m²

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UberSeal 3mm Waterproof Floor Membrane is a premium cavity drain membrane made from HDPE, ideal for above-ground damp proofing of floors. This is a slimline option to our 20mm Floor Membrane for where conservation of space is a critical factor.


  • Immediate redecoration possible, no drying out process required
  • Slimline design with high compressive load stability
  • Waterproof, resists salts, roots, and contaminants
  • Defends against bacteria, fungi, and small organisms
UberSeal 8mm Clear...
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UberSeal 8mm Clear Waterproof Membrane - 40m²...

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An all-in-one bundle designed around our UberSeal 8mm Clear Membrane, designed for floor and wall application, to provide Type 'C' drained protection for basements and other subterranean structures.


  • Resists water, salt, roots, and contaminants for durable protection
  • Flexibly shapes to fit windows, doors, and vaulted ceilings
  • High compressive strength and excellent water drainage
  • Easy to cut to size with a blade, or scissors making it easy to mould into place

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