Resincoat Charity Partnership Scheme

Throughout the years Resincoat have supported a number of charities both local and across the UK. As our business continues to grow, we feel an important responsibility to use our audience to benefit the causes that are not only close to our hearts, but close to the hearts of our customers too. This is why we have decided to launch a fund raising scheme in partnership with our chosen charity partners to run throughout 2019 and beyond.

To contribute to our charity partner, please look for the donation option on the checkout page. The minimum donation is £1 but you are more than welcome to increase that amount as you see fit. You can do so by increasing the quantity in your shopping basket.

Our current Charity partner is the Children's Heart Surgery Fund.


The Children's Heart Surgery Fund supports children (and adults) born with congenital heart disease across Yorkshire and North Lincolnshire. Over 450 children have open heart surgery at the Leeds Congenital Heart Unit each year, and around 17,500 are treated as outpatients.

How will your donation help?

With your donation you will enable the charity to:

  • Provide revolutionary equipment to keep up with the ever-changing technologies needed to treat children in this very complex speciality
  • Fund family accommodation, keeping families together as they go through procedures, surgery and recovery in the hospital
  • Provide furnishings, decorations and equipment for the playroom, including games consoles, DVDs, toys and craft resources
  • and fund research posts and projects to help ensure knowledge and treatment is always advancing.

If you have any questions about our Charity Partnership Scheme please don't hesitate to contact our team on 0113 827 2387. We'd love to share more information or discuss how together we can all get involved to support this fantastic cause.