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Ultracure DPC Injection Cream

BBA-approved Ultracure DPC Injection Cream offers lasting defence against rising damp through its potent formulation. This cream is engineered for efficient new DPC creation within walls of varied types, accommodating even those with the most elevated moisture levels.

Its formulation ensures deep substrate penetration while keeping application clean and straightforward, establishing a durable horizontal barrier against moisture and soil salts, thereby permanently halting rising damp.

For those in need of a comprehensive DPC Injection Kit solution, Ultracure provides both convenience and cost savings when purchased in bulk.

Advantages of DPC Cream Injection:

Chemical DPC injections have transformed the damp proofing industry as a viable substitute for traditional physical DPC installations over the last five decades, favouring the innovative, quick, and cost-effective DPC creams for safer and more efficient rising damp treatments.

  • The cream's unique formula transitions to liquid for superior depth penetration.
  • Offers perpetual damp resistance, maintaining efficacy as long as the mortar remains intact.
  • Installation is streamlined and tidy, with the cream's consistency and low-pressure delivery minimizing spillage and facilitating precise application.
  • Contributes to energy cost savings by addressing rising damp, which reduces heat loss through damp walls.

For larger scale jobs, we have an Ultracure bundle offering that comes with all you will need to undertake a DPC Injection Cream project.



UberSeal DPC Injection Cream comes in various sizes and coverage is impacted by the depth of the thickness of the wall, as shown below:


Pack Size Wall Thickness: 115mm                         Pack Size Wall Thickness: 230mm
380ml 3.5 Linear Metres (at a depth of 100mm) 380ml 1.75 Linear Metres (at a depth of 210mm)
Pack Size Wall Thickness: 345mm Pack Size Wall Thickness: 460mm
380ml 1.15 Linear Metres (at a depth of 320mm) 380ml 0.875 Linear Metres (at a depth of 430mm)




  • Identify potential areas of excessive water ingress, fixing or adding drains as needed.
  • Strip skirting, fittings, and wall finishes to reveal the DPC line, removing plaster contaminated with salts up to 300mm above damp levels.
  • Inspect and address any fungal damage in floor timbers, replacing if necessary.
  • Clear wall cavities of any obstructions.



  1. Identify a mortar joint at least 150mm above the external ground level or adjacent to the internal floor level for solid floors, ensuring both internal and external DPCs align.
  2. Drill 12mm diameter holes horizontally at no more than 100mm apart in the selected mortar joint, to a depth 20mm shy of the wall's thickness.
  3. Remove drilling debris from the holes with a vacuum or borehole blower.
  4. Prepare the UberSeal DPC Cartridge by cutting the tube's top for cream flow and attaching the nozzle (if needed, an extension tube). Then, load into a cartridge gun.
  5. Inject the cream into each hole, starting from the back and slowly withdrawing the nozzle as it fills, stopping roughly 10mm from the hole's exterior.
  6. Promptly seal the final 10mm with mortar or a DPC Injection Plug to support the dispersion of active ingredients along the mortar course.




Specific References



DPC Injection Cream TDS

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