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Resincoat De-greaser is a floor cleaning and preparation product which, when diluted in water, offers a heavy duty cleaning solution for greasy and oil contaminated areas. Ideal for cleaning up industrial spills and dirt on both blank concrete and cured epoxy coatings. Resincoat De-greaser can itself be used as a preparation product to be used when preparing a floor for further coating. It will handily remove grease and oil contamination as well as dirt and stains from concrete flooring. It can also be used on already cured epoxy resin coatings for the same effect. Although we advise that you dilute it to the gentle clean strength so as to not damage your coating. With Resincoat De-greaser, your floor will look like new.



Each pack will have variable coverage based on the level of dilution. Coverage will also vary depending on the porosity of the surface if applied to bare concrete.



Dilution Ratios:

Heavy grease, oil and petrol removal: Dilute 1:50 with water (100ml per 5L)

General floor cleaning/preparation: Dilute 1:100 with water (50ml per 5L)

Light cleaning for pre-prepared floors: Dilute 1:250 with water (20ml per 5L) 


Preparation and Application

1. Pour Resincoat Floor Degreaser into a suitable receptacle and dilute with water as needed.

2. Apply the diluted solution via a cloth, brush or spray. 

3. Allow the solution adequate contact time on the surface for a few minutes and agitate it where necessary. 

4. Once applied and the dirt has been lifted by the solution rinse the floor with clean water to remove any trace chemicals that might cause damage if allowed to rest for too long.


Specific References



Resincoat Degreaser TDS

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