Resincoat Ecomarine HB Epoxy Boat Paint is a groundbreaking solution crafted to endure the harsh conditions of marine environments. Formulated to combat the corrosive impact of ocean water, it offers unparalleled resilience and durability for boats, ships, and sea-faring vessels. Its advanced high-build properties make it equally suitable for freshwater boats, providing comprehensive protection in diverse aquatic settings.

This innovative paint surpasses conventional coatings with exceptional high build capabilities. With just two coats, Resincoat Ecomarine HB Epoxy Boat Paint achieves the equivalent build of ten coats in standard applications. This streamlines the application process while fortifying your boat against the relentless forces of nature. With anti-slip features enhancing safety and remarkable chemical resistance ensuring longevity, it emerges as a reliable choice for boat owners looking for a defence against the corrosive elements of the marine environment. Typical applications include use on yachts, ships, canal boats and sea faring vehicles as well as shipyards, sea rescue centres, sea-based rigs, harbours and more.



Please see below for coverage rates. If you are coating a large area and would like expert advice, please call our team who will be happy to assist you.

2.5kg: 8-10m²

5kg: 17-20m²

10kg: 35-40m²

Please note: the above coverage rates are per coat, in most cases we advise 2 coats.




Old paint finishes should be removed if flaking at all and the surface should be sanded to create a texture (also known as a mechanical key) prior to applying Resincoat Ecomarine HB Boat Paint. After the surface has been completely abraded, thoroughly sweep and vacuum the area of any remaining dust or contaminants. For more information on preparation, please see technical data sheet. 



  • Depending on the material of the surface you wish to paint, you may not need a primer. However, our Wood and Metal Primer should cover general purpose eco-marine uses.



We advise when applying this product the ambient temperature is at least 7°C.

1. Mix Part A on its own with a mixing paddle attached to an electric drill for about 1 minute before adding ALL of Part B and continue to mix for another 90 seconds, keeping the paddle in suspension to avoid mixing air into the unit.

2. Pour entirety of the tin's contents into a plastic paint scuttle or tray.

3. Immediately begin applying your paint with a nylon-bonded resin suitable roller.

4. Use a brush around the edges to cut in (a second pair of hands can be useful for this stage).

5. Scatter the non-slip additive by hand into the wet coat (Be advised: if the paint is applied too thickly, then the particles of anti-slip sand won't protrude through the surface, and wont work effectively).

6. As soon as the first coat has started curing (is no longer tacky to touch) you can re-coat; this should take 16-24 hours.

7. The cured final coat is ok for foot traffic. Heavy objects, however, should be left off the new coating for the first 48 hours and chemicals including water should not be introduced for the first 7 days (Full chemical cure).


PLEASE NOTE: The pot life of this product is 20 minutes. This means that once parts have been mixed, the paint will start to chemically cure after this time. Ensure you remove the paint from the tin in this window. The paint will then be workable on your floor for up to 40 minutes. 

Pot life = Time to harden in pot following addition of hardener

Working Time = Time to apply product before it becomes unworkable



Roller sleeves should be used once per coat, two coats will require two roller sleeves.

This product is NOT UV stable therefore can discolour when exposed to regular sunlight. For areas with plenty of repeated sunlight, please coat with a coloured UVR coating such as Resincoat Chemical Resistant UVR Floor Coating for a UV stable finish.

This product should NOT be split. Taking smaller quantities from each tin, even if measured correctly, may cause issues with activating.

This product is NOT self levelling.


Data sheet

Gloss Finish With A Profiled Anti-Slip Texture
Epoxy Resin Floor Paint With Anti-Slip Quartz Additive
Wood, Concrete (in the case of ship yard), Metal
Product Components
Resin (Part A) + Activator (Part B)
Typical Installations
Sea water boats, fresh water boats, yachts, shipyards, etc
Solvent Content
Solvent Free
Re-coat/Foot-traffic Time (at 20°C)
8-12 Hours
Drying Time (at 20°C)
12-24 Hours
Pot Life
The Pot Life Of This Product Is 20 Minutes
Application Tools
Rollers, Brushes

Specific References



Ecomarine Floor Paint TDS

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Colour Chart

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Anti-Slip Guide

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