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UberSeal 3mm Waterproof Floor Membrane

UberSeal 3mm Waterproof Floor Membrane is a high-quality, streamlined tanking solution made from 100% HDPE. It is designed for damp proofing floors in both new and existing structures. This membrane is typically installed above ground on damp or contaminated substrates before the final flooring systems are put in place. Its 3mm stud profile creates a minimal air gap that allows for moisture movement and evaporation, with little effect on the final floor level.

Engineered for superior performance, featuring a higher density than other membranes in its category for enhanced compressive load stability. This makes it perfect for flooring applications. Being an inert product, it is exceptionally resistant to water and various contaminants and can be easily trimmed to size with scissors.



Our 3mm Waterproof Floor Membrane is suitable for various applications, including:

  • Damp proofing above-ground floors during renovations.
  • Separating new "green" concrete from floor finishes.
  • Isolating contaminated floors above ground level.

Please note: It is essential to shield all floor membranes from UV light to prevent significant reduction in their lifespan.



This product is a component designed for use in below-ground waterproofing systems, typically this would be paired with our Drainage Channel and Floor Channel perimeter systems. Installation of our recommended system ensures a comprehensive and effective waterproofing solution. Additionally, it serves as an effective high-performance drainage membrane for walls, vaulted soffits and other areas affected by severe water ingress. 

To install, the membrane is simply rolled out to the floor's edge. A second sheet should be laid next to the first. The non-studded flange of the new sheet should overlap the previous one, forming an "overlap joint". This joint should then be sealed with UberSeal Overtape to prevent moisture and vapor from penetrating the floor finish.


After installing the 3mm Waterproof Floor Membrane, it's crucial to protect it. The membrane can support insulation, underfloor heating, screed, and floating floors.


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3mm WP Floor Membrane TDS

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