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UberSeal Anti-Condensation Paint

UberSeal Anti-Condensation Paint is a water-based, styrene copolymer dispersion that combats condensation when applied to your walls. This innovative paint employs hollow glass micro-beads capable of reflecting ambient thermal energy, repelling warm air back into the room and thus, preventing wall moisture accumulation.

The micro-beads demonstrate an impressive crush strength of 500psi and work by elevating internal wall temperatures, which in turn alters the dew point, significantly delaying condensation formation by up to 60%. This shift ensures robust protection against dampness and mould. Furthermore, the paint's compatibility with overpainting allows for design flexibility without sacrificing the protective benefits it offers.

Please note: our paint is suitable for application on metal and plastic surfaces, as well as over existing paint, wallpaper, plaster, brick, and concrete. However, conducting a preliminary application test is always advised to ensure the outcomes meet your expectations.



2.5L: 10-12.5m²

5L: 20-25m²

Please note: the above coverage rates are per coat, in most cases we advise 2 coats, and is dependant on the porosity of the surface.




Make sure the surface is clear of mould and fungus by cleaning any affected spots with our UberSeal Mould Wash. Remove any loose paint, wallpaper, grease or oil stains, along with any other finishes. Make good any cracks with crack filler, allowing them to fully dry before beginning the application.



  1. Stir the paint thoroughly before use. Please note: hand-stirring is required, the use of mechanical stirring, such as a drill and paddle, could cause damage to the micro-beads.
  2. Apply your first coat with a brush or roller (start at the corner of painting area and working inwards).
  3. Leave to dry for between 2 to 4 hours.
  4. Apply your second coat (two coats are recommended).



  • DO NOT: apply in temperatures below 5°C or on frozen surfaces.
  • Please note: it is possible for you to wash your tools, brushes and rollers with warm, soapy water once you have completed your project.

Data sheet

Paint + Micro-beads
Shelf Life
12 Months

Specific References



Anti-Condensation Paint TDS

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