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UberSeal Mould Wash Spray

UberSeal Mould Wash Spray is a biocidal concentrate that excels in eliminating mould and mildew from both indoor and outdoor surfaces. This effective and versatile solution acts as a surface biocide, designed to chemically eradicate mould fungi, mildew, and algae. It is appropriate for both non-professional and professional applications.

Useful as a preparatory wash to clean surfaces before applying Resincoat Anti-Mould Paint and UberSeal Anti-Condensation coatings.



One 500ml Spray bottle will be enough to cover approximately 6.25m².




Cover non-target surfaces for treatment with dust sheets to shield them from unwanted contact. If UberSeal Mould Wash Spray is being used as a preparatory measure before the application of anti-mould or anti-condensation paint, then the surface needs to be treated with this spray BEFORE eliminating debris and loose materials such as flaking paint, grease, dirt, or wallpaper as this could cause mould spores to disperse.



To effectively eliminate and prevent mould growth, follow these application instructions:

  1. Spray the affected areas from a distance of 3-5 cm.
  2. Treat any visible mould, continuing up to 1 metre beyond the affected area.
  3. For painted and timber surfaces, thoroughly spray with Mould Wash Spray.
  4. In cases of wall-papered areas, the spray acts as both a biocide and stripping agent. Once treated and stripped, bag the mould-contaminated paper and remove it from the property. Spray the exposed plaster again thoroughly.
  5. For general preparation, once the surface is dry, scrape off any loose, flaking paint and sand down the area. Previously painted surfaces should be etched with sandpaper. Dispose of flaked paint safely to prevent spreading spores.
  6. Rub the surface with a sponge.
  7. Allow approximately 30 minutes for the product to work.
  8. Rinse the surface with warm soapy water. Repeating if necessary.
  9. After the final clean, ensure the surface is touch dry before beginning finishing and decoration.



  • Be advised: Wear suitable chemically resistant gloves (Nitrile) and other protective coveralls and eye/face protection when applying.

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Mould Wash Spray TDS

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