High Quality Expansion Joint Sealant

Resincoat Joint Sealer is a two part epoxy hybrid joint sealant designed specifically to provide excellent adhesion, durability and a high degree of flexibility. This hard wearing and flexible expansion joint filler accommodates movement and maintains a seamless finish. The smooth finish will blend seamlessly with the concrete around it offering a professional design. Easy to use the pourable compound is great for horizontal floor joints that need to be filled quickly and easily. It has high elongation as well as penetration characteristics for long life of expansion joints.

The joint sealer is a high modular and flexible jointing compound and is ideal for any industrial environment where there is lots of movement in the joints and a long lasting sealed finish is required. It is widely used and particularly suitable for expansion jointing within heavy duty food safe epoxy systems in food factories, breweries, warehouses and internal car parks. Typical substrates include concrete, asphalt, epoxy, polyurethane and polymer modified floors.



Please see below for coverage rates. If you are coating a large area and would like expert advice, please call our team who will be happy to assist you.

2.5kg: 12.5 metres at a depth 25mm and width of 15mm

5kg: 25 metres at a depth 25mm and width of 15mm




Before use of this product we recommend the area should be vacuumed to remove any loose material or existing debris which could cause the joint sealant to set unevenly. If the crack is large enough a wire brush should be used to clean out the crack. 



1. Pour 100% of Part B into the Resincoat Epoxy Crack Repair Filler Part A tin. Thoroughly mix using a drill and paddle for a minimum of 90 seconds, until a uniform colour and texture is achieved.

2. Pour the formula into the crack, distributing it slowly and evenly as you go until the crack has been overfilled slightly, followed by using a scraper to level off the finished join.

3. Once filled, allow 12-24 hours for the epoxy to fully cure.

4. If sealing a joint on a vertical surface like a wall, fill a single tube combi-gun and use it to thoroughly fill the joint.


PLEASE NOTE: The pot life of this product is 20 minutes. This means that once parts have been mixed, the paint will start to chemically cure after this time. Ensure you remove the paint from the tin in this window. The paint will then be workable on your floor for up to 30 minutes. 

Pot life = Time to harden in pot following addition of hardener

Working Time = Time to apply product before it becomes unworkable



This product should NOT be split. Taking smaller quantities from each tin, even if measured correctly, may cause issues with activating.


Data sheet

Smooth Finish
epoxy hybrid joint sealant
Bare Concrete, Screeds, Steel
Product Components
Resin (Part A) + Activator (Part B)
Typical Installations
Sealing Expansion Joints In Concrete And Resin Floor And Walls In Industrial Factories, Warehouses Or Interior Car Parks Etc
Re-coat/Foot-traffic Time (at 20°C)
8-12 Hours
Drying Time (at 20°C)
12-24 Hours
Pot Life
The Pot Life Of This Product Is 20 Minutes
Application Tools
This Product Can Be Poured, Or Applied With Pressure Injection

Specific References



Expansion Joint Sealer TDS

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Colour Chart

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