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UberSeal 8mm Mesh Membrane is a premium high-density polyethylene (HDPE) membrane, ideal for waterproofing underground structures like basements and for damp proofing walls above ground. It accommodates finishes using batons and boards, metal tracks, or constructing an independent wall in front.

The 8mm Mesh Membrane is versatile, supporting a wide variety of wall finishes. Its mesh fabric, fused to the membrane's surface, perfectly prepares it for direct render finishes or for applying dot and dab plasterboard. Ideal for constrained spaces, the UberSeal Mesh Membranes allow for a minimal finished surface thickness of just 20mm, membrane included.



20m² Bundle 40m² Bundle

1 x UberSeal 8mm Damp Proof Mesh Membrane 2m x 10m

1 x UberSeal 8mm Damp Proof Mesh Membrane 2m x 20m

1 x UberSeal Jointing Tape (for membrane jointing)

1 x UberSeal Jointing Tape (for membrane jointing)

4 x UberSeal Brick Plug (bag of 100)

8 x UberSeal Brick Plug (bag of 100)

4 x UberSeal Brick Plug Sealing Washers (bag of 100)

8 x UberSeal Brick Plug Sealing Washers (bag of 100)

What's Type C protection?

"Type C" waterproofing involves managing water ingress through a drained cavity system, using cavity drain membranes to channel water to a drainage system, often incorporating sump and pump mechanisms. This method is adaptable and effective for below-ground structures, ensuring resistance to water, alkalis, saline solutions, organic acids, and minerals. It's also resistant to bacteria, fungi, and microorganisms.

As a clear cavity drain membrane, UberSeal 8mm Mesh Membrane is perfect for basements and cellars, ensuring a Grade 3 dry environment suitable for both residential and commercial settings. However, achieving full "Type C" protection necessitates the use of a UberSeal Sump and Pump system alongside this membrane, except in cases where passive drainage is feasible. Regular maintenance is essential to uphold the system’s integrity over its lifespan.

The provided UberSeal Brick Plugs are designed to support screws, allowing for the addition of batons, metal lath systems, and insulation prior to plasterboard finishing.

Furthermore, it enables the construction of fixtures, fittings, walls, and staircases directly off the membrane. As a floor membrane, it supports insulation, underfloor heating, screed, and floating floors, offering a comprehensive solution for waterproofing needs.


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