UberSeal Brick Plug

UberSeal Brick Plugs are the ideal choice for securing clear or mesh waterproofing membranes, ensuring a tight and durable seal. Enhance the effectiveness with UberSeal Butyl Rope or UberSeal Sealing Washers for excellent water protection.



The installation method requires the drilling of a 10mm diameter hole through the membrane and into the solid substrate using a 10mm SDS Drill Bit to a minimum depth of 60mm. Then, position the plug's end into the drilled hole. Using a rubber mallet, firmly tap the plug into place until the seal compresses and the plug is securely fixed into the substrate. Ensure not to compress the seal excessively.

Moreover, the presence of a central hole within the plug accommodates a 5mm diameter woodscrew, facilitating the attachment of timber battens for internal linings, thereby bolstering the structure's overall strength and utility.


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