Plaster Plugs - 60mm

Our premium-grade plaster plugs ensure a robust internal attachment of mesh membranes to a substrate. Ideal for affixing UberSeal Waterproof Membranes internally, these plugs are effective for both above and below ground applications on various substrates.

Engineered with a ribbed shaft, our plaster membrane fixing plugs achieve superior grip across a diverse range of surfaces.

Furthermore, our plaster plugs boast adaptability. The fixing plug's head features a pre-moulded key, making it suitable for use with both mesh membranes and renders, or for dot and dab applications on plasterboard without risk of debonding.

For streamlined installation of these membrane plaster plugs, consider pairing them with an 8mm SDS Drill Bit.



Our plaster plugs are designed for effortless installation:

  • Start by drilling a 7 or 8mm hole (width dependent on the substrate) through the mesh membrane, reaching at least 65mm into the substrate.
  • Clear any drill dust from the hole using an air pump.
  • Proceed by inserting the plaster plug into the prepared hole.
  • To achieve a robust watertight seal, combine these plaster fixing plugs with our recommended accessories, such as UberSeal Sealing Washers. Please note: For damp proofing above ground, apply mastic behind the plugs before securing them. For below ground waterproofing, wrap UberSeal Butyl Rope around the plug head prior to hammering it in place.
  • After adding the chosen sealing method, use a rubber mallet to secure the plug into the substrate, ensuring not to compress the seal excessively.
  • UberSeal plaster plugs should be no more than 250mm apart from each other vertically or horizontally.

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