Introducing Ultrabind PrimeX, the premier primer for resin-bound driveways. Ultrabind PrimeX stands out due to its exceptional engineering, delivering top-notch results. Its sophisticated formula is adept at deeply penetrating the concrete substrate to seal any pores, creating a smooth and uniform surface. This leads to a reliable and durable bond with the resin-bound, culminating in an aesthetically pleasing and enduring driveway.

Ultrabind PrimeX also boasts ease of use with its one-part system, simplifying mixing and application. This makes it an ideal choice for both professional contractors and DIY enthusiasts.

At Ultrabind, we are dedicated to supplying our customers with superior products that fulfil their specific needs. With Ultrabind PrimeX, you are equipped to create a stunning, durable driveway that will endure over time.



On a standard surface – Ultrabind PrimeX can cover up to ten metres squared per kilogram.

On a porous surface – Ultrabind PrimeX can cover up to five metres squared per kilogram.



Ensure the surface is clean and dry before applying Ultrabind PrimeX. We recommend priming for concrete or other solid driveway sources, but do not recommend the use of Ultrabind PrimeX on tarmac surfaces.



  1. Stir thoroughly before use.
  2. Apply by brush or roller in an even, consistent method working backwards across the surface.
  3. Repeat the process when touch dry for further coats.
  4. For added strength, you may cast Ultrabind Binding Sand onto the surface whilst applying. This will increase the surface area and give subsequent resin-bound systems more to bond to.

Please note: We recommend 500g – 1kg of binding sand for every m² of surface.

Important: If at all possible, the freshly revived surface should not be exposed to rain or frost within the first 24 hours from application.



In order to apply Ultrabind PrimeX the following tools are required:

• A suitable brush or roller – recommended for rolling out the mixed unit.


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