Quality & Innovation: The Ultrabind Commitment Through Research and Testing

We are proud to be among the few resin manufacturers in the UK with direct control over our rigorous quality control processes. This ensures that only resin of the highest quality, known for its exceptional durability and longevity, reaches our customers. Our commitment to producing top-tier resin bound surfacing products is unparalleled, providing customers with reliable and robust solutions. Thanks to our extensive investment in research, development, and independent testing, Ultrabind has developed a resin formulation that excels in flexural and compressive strength, highlighting the importance of choosing a trusted manufacturer for your project.

7Kg Kit Contains:

1 x 3.818kg UV Stable Resin

1 x 3.181kg Activator

4 x 25kg Bag of dried decorative aggregates

7.5Kg Kit Contains:

1 x 4.091kg UV Stable Resin

1 x 3.408kg Activator

4 x 25kg Bag of dried decorative aggregates

Each kit comes with the correct amount of decorative aggregate and resin. The kit size is designed for a professional forced action mixer. Please note your aggregate will be despatched as a separate parcel to the resin & activator. Shipping for the aggregate will be charged at our supplier's rate.

*Please note all professional kits are supplied with 3 bags of 2-5mm aggregate & 1 bag of 1-3mm aggregate in order to achieve a superior strength. 

Coverage Guide:

Application Depth  Professional ULTRABIND Kit  Suitability 
12mm 5m² Foot traffic
15mm 4m² Light vehicular traffic such as motorbikes & cars driving on & off
18mm 3m² Heavy vehicular traffic 

*Please note our calculator is based on a 15mm thickness ideal for a driveway.


Our Resin Bound kits can be laid over existing concrete or tarmac which means a much faster installation with little disruption and can be walked on within 6 – 12 hours. The professional kits can be installed by homeowners with the use of a professional forced action mixer.

** Surface temperature must be greater than 7°C before laying this product.

Application Guide:

Please note in order to install the professional kit you will require a forced action mixer, these can be purchased or you may choose to use one of our approved local installers.

2 people are required to complete resin bound applications.

1. Add 4 bags of aggregate to the forced action mixer and mix for a minimum of 60 seconds

2. Mix part A & part B resin with a drill and paddle

3. Add the resin to your tumbling aggregate and mix for 60-90 seconds (do not over mix)

4. Once mixed move to the application area spreading it straight away

5. Use a flat trowel to smooth to desired thickness

6. While one worker is spreading the other is mixing the next kit

7. Once complete empty some clean aggregate in to the mixer to remove the uncured resin before it sets


Specific References



Ultrabind Professional Kit TDS

Download (1.49MB)

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