Battery Backup System UPS3000

A battery backup system guarantees continuous operation of your pumps during mains power disruptions, protecting your property from significant flood damage. These systems are essential for handling groundwater and surface water, especially when water inflow is unpredictable. The UPS3000 Battery Backup System delivers a reliable uninterrupted power supply (UPS), providing strong protection for your property by powering a submersible pump throughout any power outage.

The UPS series features two versatile battery backup models designed to complement your specific pump type, ensuring seamless functionality during high water events:

UPS2000: Powers EA31 pumps for a 30 minutes of continuous operation in the event of high water ingress.

UPS3000: Delivers extended support with 60 minutes of continuous use for EA31 pumps, or a solid 30 minutes for the more demanding EA33 pumps.


How UPS3000 Battery Backup System works

The UPS3000 unit can directly power one pump. In the event of a power outage, the primary pump will seamlessly switch to drawing power from the UPS3000. This unit stays charged during regular use and automatically recharges once mains power is restored.

Each unit is equipped with a digital display that offers clear status updates and detailed fault codes for efficient monitoring. Alerts and features include:

  • High level alarm
  • High water detection
  • Mains power failure notification
  • Mains power restoration alert
  • High level alarm silence option
  • Service reminder alert
  • Missed data heartbeat signal

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