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UberSeal Salt Inhibitor

UberSeal Salt Inhibitor is crafted as both a primer and a salt inhibitor, prior to use with wet-applied waterproofing and rendering systems such as UberSeal Tanking Slurry, and it's variants, or UberSeal Renovation Plaster. Ready for immediate application, it effectively addresses damp-causing salts, particularly targeting hygroscopic chloride and nitrate salts that draw moisture from the air.

For crumbling masonry, it reinforces the structure by forming a silica gel deposit. This innovative product doesn't just stop salt damage in its tracks; it also guarantees that your treated spaces retain their breathability, marrying protection with preservation seamlessly.



5L: 25-50m²

Please note: the above coverage rates are dependant on the porosity of the surface and level of contamination.




Ensure all surfaces are clean, stable, and free of loose materials, dust, laitance, or old coatings, revealing the underlying brickwork, masonry, or concrete. 



  1. Set up a clear working space, shielding non-target surfaces to prevent staining from the product.
  2. Apply evenly, and thinly, across the clean substrate using a masonry roller or brush.
  3. Limit the application of Salt Inhibitor to areas that can be covered with tanking or render before drying.
  4. On plasterwork or masonry with light salting, use the product diluted with water up to a rate of 50:50.
  5. Some frothing/fizzing may occur which is due to a reaction with the salts. Allow some time for the neutralising actions to complete, and when frothing stops, immediately wash the wall with water.

Important: Throughout application and drying time, ensure the room is well ventilated. Open windows and doors to allow a through draft.



  • DO NOT: apply in temperatures below 5°C or on frozen surfaces.
  • All tools should be cleaned thoroughly with water after use. 
  • Important: immediately clean any splashes or contact with non-target surfaces, as removal becomes significantly harder once dry.
  • Please note: avoid applying UberSeal Salt Inhibitor on surfaces intended to remain exposed.

Data sheet

Shelf Life
12 months

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UberSeal Salt Inhibitor TDS

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