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The convenient, low-cost solution to waterproofing

Our UberSeal Tanking Slurry is a single-component, cement-based coating, is engineered with a mix of Portland cements, quality-graded aggregates, and specific chemical modifiers for superior performance. Designed for the waterproofing of cellars and basements, it effectively prevents water ingress, maintaining dryness in these critical areas. Application is straightforward, allowing for direct brush application onto damp surfaces, making UberSeal Tanking Slurry remarkably user-friendly.

The formulation includes an acrylic polymer, enhancing the product's strength, adhesion, and abrasion resistance. Upon curing, it sets as a vapour-permeable yet watertight barrier, adept at resisting water pressure, ensuring long-lasting protection.



Coarse surface: a 20kg unit provides 6.5m²-8m²

Smooth surface: a 20kg unit provides 8m²-10m²

Please note: the above coverage rates are per coat, of which two are always required. Rates are also dependant on the porosity of the surface.




Ensure all surfaces are clean, stable, and free of loose materials, dust, laitance, or old coatings, revealing the underlying brickwork, masonry, or concrete. You should achieve a properly keyed surface through appropriate preparation methods like grit blasting, high-pressure jet washing, or shot blasting as needed. If applicable, remove any embedded foreign objects such as nails or timber, rake out loose joints to 20mm, and clean out any voids.

After cleaning, fill these areas flush with UberSeal Fillet Seal before tanking. Stop any physical water ingress with UberSeal Waterstop before applying UberSeal Tanking Slurry.



  1. With a Mortar Drill and Paddle, mechanically mix the 20kg powder into 6-7 litres of clean water in a suitable mixing vessel for 3 minutes (until a smooth consistency is achieved).
  2. Apply the first coat using a brush or spray, horizontally down to the floor and across any fillets. The second coat must be applied whilst the first is still slightly damp, (within 2-5 hours).
  3. Apply the second coat in a vertical direction, covering the fillet seal if this has been used, taking care not to damage the first layer.
  4. Ensure not to exceed 24 hours between applying the first and second coats.
  5. If the slurry is not extended to the floor, spread the coating at least 250mm across the floor before ending.
  6. When connecting floors to walls or at corners, create a fillet for optimal sealing, referring to the specific data sheet for guidance.



  • DO NOT: apply in temperatures below 5°C or on frozen surfaces.
  • Moisture naturally forms on the surface after application, a process called "sweating". Please note: in warm or windy conditions, mist spraying is necessary outdoors to offset moisture loss and prevent slurry from drying too quickly, which can lead to cracking.
  • Important: when joining a floor and wall or corners,  it is essential to create a fillet at the junction.

Data sheet

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UberSeal Tanking Slurry TDS

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