End Mould for Good: Resincoat’s Permanent Anti Mould Barrier

Discover the definitive solution to combat mould with Resincoat Anti Mould Paint, crafted to shield every room from mould invasion. Perfectly suited for the humid environments of kitchens, bathrooms, and basements, this paint surpasses ordinary options with its innovative attributes. Its highly scrubbable formula endures intense cleanings, making sure your surfaces not only withstand but also repel dampness and steam. Thanks to its quick-drying nature, you can quickly refresh and safeguard your space, while its high opacity delivers an impeccable finish in fewer layers. Additionally, its low odour design ensures a more enjoyable painting experience, keeping your living space fresh and secure. Resincoat Anti Mould Paint offers more than just protection; it provides a guarantee of a mould-free living area, blending seamlessly with your home's aesthetics and enhancing indoor air quality.

Coverage Guide:

Coverage rates are approximate & depend upon the substrate.

1L- covers up to 10m²

Application Guide:


Ensure a thorough cleaning of the surface which is to be coated in Resincoat Anti-Mould Paint. Remove all loose or flaking paint before application. Vacuum away any remaining dust or debris and then clean any remaining blemishes, grease, oil or dirt with suitable cleaning product, such as Resincoat Degreaser. Allow surface to completely dry before application.


1. Stir the paint thoroughly before application to ensure a consistent texture.

2. Choose your application tool: brush, roller, or pad, based on preference and surface area.

3. Apply the paint in an even, cross-rolled fashion to ensure full coverage without gaps.

4. Apply a minimum of two coats for optimal protection and finish.

5. Allow the first coat to become touch dry, typically after 4-6 hours, before applying the second coat.


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Resincoat Anti Mould Paint TDS

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