Resincoat Aggregate Anti-slip paint additive can be applied in a number of ways, either pre-mixed, scattered into a single paint coat system, or sealed within a two coat system. We recommend casting your Resincoat Aggregate directly onto the first coat of paint as required. Leave to dry, and sweep off any excess additive before sealing in with a second coat. Alternatively you can pre-mix the anti-slip paint additive (250g per 5kg paint) thoroughly and apply your paint coating as normal.

Please contact our team on 0330 0570 695 for your requirements and we can advise on the best system, application method and quantity of additive required. 


Our Anti-Slip systems include:

Resincoat Anti-Slip Floor Paint

Resincoat Anti Slip Step Paint System

Resincoat Non Slip Decking Paint

Resincoat Heavy Duty Anti-Slip Ramp Paint System

Antibacterial Anti Slip Epoxy Floor Paint


Data sheet

From 2.5kg to 25kg
Kiln-Dried silica aggregate
Typical Installations
To achieve an anti-slip finish in warhouses, garages and factory floors

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