Resincoat Tack Coat is an Epoxy Resin adhesive primer for stronger repairs. It is an adhesive primer for use as a bonding aid for subsequent application of Resincoat mortar products. The primer is ideal for use where a stronger bond is required as in more friable surfaces or vertical repairs. Resincoat Tack Coat can be used on damp or dry surfaces at temperatures down to 0°C. Epoxy tack coat can be applied to a range of substrates including concrete, metal, wood, and most other flooring composites. Please contact us with any enquiries regarding other substrate types.

All our resin products are proudly manufactured in the UK using the finest 100% epoxy resin that's solvent free. The tack coat will provide a strong bond for a highly durable long lasting finish.



Please see below for coverage rates. If you are coating a large area and would like expert advice, please call our team who will be happy to assist you.

1kg: 3-5m²

2.5kg: 7.5-12.5m²

5kg: up to 25m²

Please note: the above coverage rates are per coat, in most cases we advise 2 coats and is dependant on the porosity of the surface.




Old paint finishes should be removed if flaking at all and the surface should be sanded to create a texture (also known as a mechanical key) prior to applying Resincoat Tack Coat. Before use of this product we recommend, where possible, to square the repair off then use a wire brush to clean the area then proceed to vacuum the area to get rid of any loose materials, dust and dirt. If it's not possible to square the repair off, use a wire brush to clean the area out and vacuum to remove dust and dirt. 



We advise when applying this product the ambient temperature is at least 7°C.

1. Mix Part A on its own with a mixing paddle, attached to an electric drill, for about 1 minute. Once mixed, add ALL of Part B and continue to mix for another 90 seconds, keeping the paddle in suspension to avoid mixing air into the unit.

2. Pour entirety of the tin's contents into a plastic paint scuttle or tray.

3. Immediately begin applying your paint with a suitable stiff brush onto the surface you want to make tacky.

4. Overlaying of subsequent mortar must be done when the product is tacky (6 - 8 hours). If that's not possible the mortar can be applied whilst the tack coat is still wet (approximately 30- 60 minutes at 15ºC - 20ºC but this will be extended to 3 hours at 5ºC)


PLEASE NOTE: The pot life of this product is 20 minutes. This means that once parts have been mixed, the paint will start to chemically cure after this time. Ensure you remove the paint from the tin in this window. The paint will then be workable on your floor for up to 30 minutes. 

Pot life = Time to harden in pot following addition of hardener

Working Time = Time to apply product before it becomes unworkable



This product should NOT be split. Taking smaller quantities from each tin, even if measured correctly, may cause issues with activating.


Data sheet

Clear Epoxy Resin Finish
Adhesive Primer
Floor, Wall, Ramps, Steps
Product Components
Resin (Part A) + Activator (Part B)
Typical Installations
To be used before screeding or prior to use of Resincoat Concrete Repair products
Re-coat/Foot-traffic Time (at 20°C)
30-60 Minutes
Pot Life
20 Minutes Maximum At 20°C When Decanted Into A Shallow Tray. Higher Temperatures Will Reduce The Pot Life
Application Tools

Specific References



Tack Coat TDS

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