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Resincoat Water Based Paint

Price £39.99

£33.33 ex VAT.

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Resincoat Water Based Epoxy Paint is a low viscosity, solvent free epoxy resin coating suitable for floors and walls. This paint is designed to give the benefits of a two part epoxy coating at an economical cost where high build is not essential. Ideal for use in garages, warehouses, factories & more providing a professional finish. 


  • Suitable for floors or walls

  • Water based formula - solvent free

  • Damp tolerant

  • Superb coverage rates

  • DIY friendly 

Resincoat Wood Floor Paint

Price £44.99

£37.49 ex VAT.

Availability: 4997 In Stock

Resincoat Wood Floor Paint is a hard-wearing decorative matt floor coating suitable for wood floorboards. Ideal for restoring your existing wooden flooring this coating is offered in a great choice of colours and has a smooth finish. The acrylic paint will seal and protect your flooring from every day scuffs and scratches.  Highly durable the formula boasts a long lasting design.


  • One pack application - no mixing

  • Attractive matt finish

  • Completely washable

  • Great range of colours

  • Highly durable design

  • Stylish smooth finish

  • Quick drying in 4 hours

Resincoat Concrete Floor Paint

Price £36.99

£30.82 ex VAT.

Availability: 4968 In Stock

Resincoat Concrete Floor Paint is an acrylic resin formula designed to add a sealed, attractive matt finish to concrete floors. This paint is a one pack system meaning no additional parts are required, simply stir thoroughly and apply using a roller or brush.


  • Easy to use one-pack system

  • Easy to clean & maintain

  • Suitable for most types of concrete floor

  • Highly Durable coating designed to withstand dirt and dust

  • Re-coat in just 4 hours

  • Outstanding coverage 35-50m² per 5KG unit!


For an incredibly resilient professional, floor paint consider Resincoat 2 Part Epoxy Garage Floor Paint

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