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UberSeal 3mm Mesh Membrane

UberSeal 3mm Mesh Membrane is a premium mesh membrane, developed for internal damp proofing of walls above ground. Following the treatment of present damp, the membrane establishes a protective layer to avert further deterioration and salt damage. The mesh ensures a strong bond for various finishes, and the slim, 3mm profile is perfect when there are concerns regarding how much space there is to work with.

UberSeal 3mm is tailor-made for application on moist walls to separate them from new finishes, blocking both moisture and water vapor and creating a shield between the old wall and the new finishing layer. This effectively secures damp walls against additional salt build-up on the plaster and prevents damage to the wall.

Resolves the effects of Salt Contamination

UberSeal 3mm Mesh membrane is the go-to solution for treating salt-affected surfaces. Such surfaces may seem damp during humid conditions due to hygroscopic salts in the wall drawing moisture, creating the illusion of a wet, dark spot. Frequently mistaken for penetrating or rising damp, this issue is effectively addressed by the membrane, which isolates the contaminated underlying substrate from the new finish, thereby reducing any indications of moisture.



Installation of the UberSeal 3mm Mesh Membrane requires UberSeal Plaster Plugs or Brick Plugs for attachment to target walls. The plugs should also be sealed by wrapping either Brick Plug Sealing Washers or UberSeal Butyl Rope firmly around the head of the plug to create a waterproof seal before they are hammered into place.

The following is the recommended application method:

  1. Ensure the base is cleaned to achieve the smoothest surface possible. Eliminate any plaster that is damaged, loose, or disintegrating.
  2. Use a sharp blade or scissors to trim the membrane to the desired dimensions.
  3. Secure the 3mm membrane (mesh side exposed) to the surface using plugs. Installation can be either horizontal or vertical.

Approximately 15 plugs per square meter are recommended, each plug should be no further than 250mm horizontally or vertically from one another. On curved or uneven surfaces, plugs/fixings should be closer together to ensure that the mesh is not too loose from the wall.

Jointing - The 3mm mesh membrane is highly flexible and can be effortlessly moulded around corners. As an alternative, edges can be brought together (butt jointed) and made watertight with UberSeal Fleece Overstrip.

Finishing - Plasterboard panels can be attached to the membrane using the dot and dab technique, ensuring at least 50% of the board is covered with the adhesive dabs. This provides a dry surface that is primed for instant decoration.


Beyond its physical resilience, the UberSeal 3mm Mesh Membrane excels as a substrate for lime mortars, renders, and plasters, thanks to the design of its square 3mm studs that adeptly manage corner detailing and surface irregularities. Paired with our recommended drainage solutions it promises a waterproofing installation of unmatched reliability and performance.


Data sheet

10m², 20m², 40m²

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3mm DPM Membrane TDS

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