BlueDrop T-Junction Drainage Channel

Our T-Junction Drainage Channels revolutionise water management in basements and structures. Designed for seamless integration with drainage channels, these connectors facilitate a direct 90° connection, enabling efficient hydrostatic water pressure relief and versatile direction changes within your drainage layout.

These T-connectors are installed beneath flooring membranes at the junction between the floor and wall. They facilitate the redirection of any water infiltrating your cavity drainage system towards a sump chamber or an appropriate outlet, regardless of its location.



The installation of our T-Junctions is a simple process, requiring no additional tape for a flush and seamless connection, ensures a smooth interior surface. This innovation significantly reduces the risk of salt, silt, and debris accumulation, maintaining optimal flow towards a sump chamber or drainage outlet.

With these T-Junction connecters, crafting an effective and reliable drainage solution becomes effortless, ensuring long-term protection and water management efficiency for your property.


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