UberSeal Drainage Channel Corner Piece

UberSeal Drainage Channel Corners effortlessly link two UberSeal drainage channels at any corner. These 90° smooth plastic drain corners ensure smooth water flow around a cavity drain system, safeguarding structures from hydrostatic water pressure. These corner drainage channels are versatile, suitable for use around a structure's perimeter or within any central drainage system laid across the floor.



Featuring a straightforward push connection, UberSeal Drainage Channel Corners allow for integration with any UberSeal drainage channels, both with and without upstands, eliminating the need for tape. These corner drainage components are engineered for installation beneath flooring membranes at the intersections of floor-wall junctions or centrally within the floor/slab architecture requiring a 90° connection.

Emphasis has been placed on advanced design principles, ensuring the internal surface of both the connector and channels maintains a flush alignment. This precision engineering approach significantly mitigates the risk of accumulations such as salts, silt, and other particulate matter, thereby pre-empting operational impediments within the drainage infrastructure.


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