UberSeal Drainage Channel Adaptor

The UberSeal Drainage Channel Adaptor is designed for straightforward and efficient integration between your drainage channels and broader systems such as Sump Pumps or external drainage solutions. Designed for effectively redirecting water away from structural foundations, maintaining the structural integrity and internal dryness of buildings. It's crafted to ensure an uncomplicated installation process, promoting a secure and reliable connection to safeguard against water-related issues.



When installing, align the adaptor with the UberSeal Drainage Channel, ensuring one end fits neatly into the channel. The opposite side is able to accommodate a 50mm ID pipe, which leads to either a suitable egress site or a Sump Pump system. Designed for easy attachment without the need for tape or other adhesives, and maintains a flush interior surface to prevent the build-up of salts, silt and other blockage-forming debris.


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