UberSeal Basement Sump Pump System - Dual

The UberSeal Basement Sump and Pump System is specifically designed for effective removal of groundwater from basements, light wells, and water drained from cavity membrane systems. This product differs from the single pump offering by providing a second pump, in case of failure from the first, ensuring greater peace of mind.

This comprehensive system features an octagonal sump chamber, top-of-the-line basement pump, securely locking lid and frame, high water level alarm, internal pipework, a one-way valve, and a quick-release shut-off valve for easy pump maintenance.

The octagonal design of the sump enhances structural integrity and allows for eight large inlet ports for connections up to 110mm via wall flanges. The chamber's flared base prevents it from floating.


Sump Pump System Contents:

  • 2 x Automatic 240V EA31-1-A-10-1.25-OF submersible pumps
  • Structurally-reinforced virgin tank-grade polyethylene chamber
  • Float bracket for optional high level alarm mini float
  • 1¼” Class E PVC plain female discharge for solvent welding to high pressure PVC
  • 50 mm cable duct positioned to site requirements
  • Socket union for simple pump removal during servicing
  • 110 mm inlet positioned to site requirements
  • Non-return valve
  • Galvanised steel, solid top, locking, access cover, FACTA AA

Please note: The sump chamber is pre-fitted with a pump waste outlet hole. Additional inlet connections and electrical conduits for the 230V pumps and 12V alarm must be cut onsite by qualified technicians using the appropriate hole cutters.



The system requires minimal maintenance but should be professionally serviced quarterly during the first year and annually thereafter.

Due to the technical and safety requirements, installation of the UberSeal Sump Pump System should be carried out by professionals from an experienced waterproofing company, assisted by a certified electrician. 

Important: This is not a DIY project; professional installation ensures safety and system efficacy.


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