Powerful removal of moss, algae & mould with no effort required

Unlock the secret to a pristine outdoor space with Resincoat Outdoor Moss, Algae & Mould Remover, your all-in-one solution to combat unsightly green invaders. This powerhouse formula is designed to be effortlessly mixed and applied with a garden sprayer, requiring no further action from you, simply spray on a dry surface and let nature do the rest. Ideal for a broad range of surfaces, including patios, fences, garden furniture, and even Luxury Decking or Ultrabind Resin Bound surfaces, it penetrates deeply to not only eradicate moss, algae, and mould but also prevent their return for up to six months. Prepare to transform your outdoor area into a clean, inviting space with minimal effort and lasting results.

Coverage Guide:

Total coverage up to 175m² when diluted.

Application Guide:


1. Ensure surfaces are dry before application.

2. Conduct a patch test on a small area.

3. Mix 1 part product with 4 parts warm water.

4. Apply diluted solution at a rate of 1 litre per 3-7m² using a garden sprayer or watering can.

5. Clean sprayer or can after use.

6. Avoid application if rain is forecast within the next 5-6 hours.

Coverage: Up to 175m² when diluted. Repeat treatment as necessary.

Reaction Time:

  • Green mould and algae die within 2-4 days.
  • Moss yellows and begins to detach in 5-7 days.
  • Post-treatment, gently clean the surfaces over weeks and months.
  • Algae may change colour post-treatment; black mould stains may need additional cleaning.


  • Keep animals off treated areas until dry (~2 hours).

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Algae, Moss & Mould Killer TDS

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