Tarmac Paint for DIY & Commercial Users

If your tarmac driveway is looking tired, our tarmac paint is a fantastic solution to revive it, giving it a new lease of life. As with any external surface if left unprotected, surfaces can wear away and look worn. Our tarmac sealer is durable and far superior to bitumen products offering a protective coating that will instantly enhance the look of your outdoor space. This product is perfect for DIY users as basic home improvement skills are required for application. It is incredibly easy to apply and is touch dry within 1–2 hours at 25°C.

Ideal for any driveway or pathway this tarmac paint is a cost-effective way to revive your landscape without investing in a brand new driveway. It is also ideal for any spillages or stains that may have occurred as well as blending together newly laid tarmac surfaces with older ones. Available in a stylish black colour you can guarantee a bright, bold finish that will easily enhance your outdoor space. It is suitable for driveways, paths, car parks, etc without changing the texture of your surface. It is manufactured to the highest standard providing a long lasting, professional finish.



Please see below for coverage rates. If you are coating a large area and would like expert advice, please call our team who will be happy to assist you.

10 Litre: 70-80m² (depending on the porosity of the surface)

20 Litre: 140-160m² (depending on the porosity of the surface)

Please note: the above coverage rates are per coat, in most cases we advise 2 coats.




Remove any loose or flaking material prior to applying Resincoat Pro Tarmac Paint. Thoroughly sweep, or vacuum the area if possible, of any remaining dust or contaminants. Surface should be completely dry before applying and protected from rain for 24 hours after application. For more information on preparation, please see technical data sheet. 



We advise when applying this product the ambient temperature is at least 7°C.

1. Stir the paint thoroughly before use.

2. Apply your first coat with a brush or roller (start at the corner of painting area and working inwards).

3. Leave to dry for between 4 to 6 hours.

4. Apply your second coat (two coats are recommended).

5. If you have paint remaining, the tin can be re-sealed and stored in dry conditions, protected from extreme temperatures, for further use.


Please note: When working with Resincoat Pro Tarmac Paint, it is possible for you to wash your tools, brushes and rollers with warm, soapy water once you have completed your project.

Once applied ensure the floor is not subject to any contamination as this could cause the coating to fail.



Be advised: Do not apply the product in damp, humid or extreme temperatures.


Data sheet

Black, Matt Finish that emulates fresh tarmac
Water-Based Formulation
Tarmac, Asphalt
Product Components
One-Pack System
Typical Installations
Designed to revitalise the appearance of your tarmac/asphalt driveway
Re-coat/Foot-traffic Time (at 20°C)
4-6 Hours
Drying Time (at 20°C)
8 Hours
Application Tools
Roller, Brush

Specific References



Pro Tarmac Driveway TDS

Download (388.39KB)

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