Obliterate Patio Black Spots

Introducing Resincoat Patio Cleaner, the ultimate outdoor transformation tool. Developed with precision by Resincoat's own chemists, this powerhouse is not just another patio cleaner, it's your frontline defence against black spots, lichen, and mould. With our Ultimate Lichen eradicator technology, it promises not just to clean, but to revitalise, offering your stone surfaces a new lease on life. Ready to use with no mixing required, it covers an impressive coverage and acts fast, ensuring your outdoor spaces can be enjoyed to their fullest, sooner. This cleaner is designed to restore the natural beauty of your outdoor spaces, allowing you to enjoy a pristine patio without compromise.

Coverage Rates

Apply this product neat. Do not exceed 5m2 per litre. Maximum 25m2 per bottle.

Application Guide


Remove any loose debris to ensure the surface is ready for treatment. Can be applied on a wet or dry surface.


1. Use a pump sprayer or watering can for applying Resincoat Pro Strength Patio Cleaner. Direct application from the container is also an option if necessary.

2. Carefully distribute the cleaner, covering the patio evenly.

3. Keep the solution on for a minimum of 2 hours, maintaining surface moisture throughout, particularly in warm conditions.

4. For tougher spots, gently scrub with a garden broom whilst keeping the area wet.

5. After 2 hours, rinse with clean water. If using a jetwasher, take care not to cause unnecessary splashes that could potentially displace the cleaner.

6. Avoid runoff to plants. If contact occurs, flush the affected area with a sufficient quantity of water.

*Please note this product is not suitable for use in a jetwasher detergent dispenser. Any equipment used during application should be thoroughly rinsed.


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