Ultrabind Revive is a potent rejuvenator designed specifically for resin-bound driveways, effectively revitalizing surfaces that have become dull and patchy with age. This PU sealing treatment helps restore these surfaces to their original lustre.

The product significantly enhances the colour and appearance of older resin-bound surfaces, prolonging their lifespan and offering a cost-efficient alternative to complete replacement. The application process is both quick and straightforward, suitable for professional execution.

Maintaining resin-bound driveways is crucial given their initial investment cost. Ultrabind Revive serves as an excellent maintenance service, offering regular resealing that keeps these driveways looking new for extended periods.

With Ultrabind Revive, there is no need to remove the existing surface; the rejuvenator is directly applied to enhance and refresh the appearance of driveways and paths. This product is user-friendly and ultimately economical, helping homeowners preserve the appearance of their driveways without incurring the expense of full replacement.



On a standard surface, Ultrabind Revive can between three and seven metres squared per kilogram.

Please note: stated coverage rates are dependant on the porosity of the surface.



Before applying Ultrabind Revive, thoroughly clean the resin-bound surface of any debris, dirt, or dust using a broom or blower. For deeper cleans, use a gentle power washer, ensuring to dry thoroughly after use. Inspect and repair any damages or cracks on the surface. Confirm the surface is fully dry before application, as moisture can hinder the effectiveness of Ultrabind Revive.



  1. Mix all of Part B into your Part A unit using a drill with a mixing paddle attachment on a slow speed for 90 seconds.
  2. Once thoroughly mixed, pour the mixture onto the clean and dry resin-bound surface.
  3. Using a nylon bonded roller for an even application, work in a systematic manner to cover the entire area.

Please note: If at all possible, the freshly revived surface should not be exposed to rain or frost within the first 24 hours from application.



In order to apply Ultrabind Revive the following tools are required:

• An Electric Mortar Drill & Paddle – recommended for the mixing of Part A and B.

• A nylon bonded roller – recommended for rolling out the mixed unit.



Ultrabind Revive TDS

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