Ultrabind Eco is an advanced stone binder designed to stabilise loose stones to create a durable and visually appealing surface. Its formula is both eco-friendly and non-toxic, making it a suitable option for environmentally conscious projects. This product is easy to handle and apply, thanks to its one-component system that simplifies mixing and application processes. The formula ensures a strong bond, maintaining the structural integrity and appearance of the surface for an extended period.

Ultrabind Eco is environmentally safe, introducing no harmful chemicals whilst supporting sustainable practices in surface creation. Additionally, Ultrabind Eco preserves the permeability of the stone surface, allowing water to pass through, which helps prevent pooling and maintains slip resistance under wet conditions. It also includes a protective layer that inhibits dust and dirt infiltration, facilitating easier maintenance and cleaning.

Ultrabind is committed to providing high-quality products that align with customer needs for durability and maintenance ease, emphasizing sustainability.



Depending on the porosity of the target surface, Ultrabind Eco can cover up to one metre squared per kilogram.



Gravel or a stable or solid base will produce longer lasting results, but soil or bedding is also a suitable substrate. Area should not be prone to flooding or holding water. Gravel should be clean and dust-free where possible but does not need to be kiln dried. Existing gravel should be rinsed with water and allowed to dry prior to application. Ideal depth for existing gravel is approximately 20mm.



Watering can:

  1. Dispense into standard coarse head watering can and apply evenly at approx. 1kg/m². 2 – 3 thin coats are recommended.
  2. Rinse watering can thoroughly with clean water after use.


Mix-in bucket:

  1. Add stones or aggregate to a bucket, 3 – 8mm sizes will produce the best results.
  2. Add 0.7 – 0/9kg of Ultrabind Eco for every 25kg bag of aggregate. Put on gloves and mix by hand until all stones are evenly coated, then apply immediately.
  3. You can level with a gardening trowel. We recommend re-applying annually to maintain the best finish and highest strength.

Please note: For measuring reference, 1kg is equal to approx. 1L.


In order to apply Ultrabind Eco the following tools are required:

•A course headed watering can if being applied in this way

•If mixing in with aggregate, A Flooring Trowel – basic knowledge of how to trowel down aggregate mix is beneficial



Ultrabind Eco TDS

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