Ultrabind Glide is an effective cleaning agent, Ultrabind Glide excels in both preparing and maintaining your trowel during the application process. Its specialised formula prevents resin accumulation on the trowel, facilitating easier resin application and achieving a polished finish.

Ultrabind Glide offers a straightforward and efficient application experience, saving you both time and effort. Its potent ingredients effectively dissolve even the most challenging stains, restoring your trowel to its original condition.

At Ultrabind, we are dedicated to offering our customers top-quality products designed to enhance convenience. With Ultrabind Glide, achieving a sleek, professional appearance for your resin-bound driveway is effortlessly attainable.



As a lubricating spray:

Spray in light amounts directly onto trowel before smoothing surface. Alternatively, spray onto a clean cloth and wipe onto the trowel. Do not saturate resin-bound surface, as this may cause resin to settle to the bottom of the layer.

As a cleaning spray:

Spray onto trowel or tools whilst resin is still uncured. Wipe away with a clean cloth. 

Please note: Ultrabind Glide will not effectively clean resin that has been cured.



Non-hazardous, slow evaporating solvent. If on skin, please rinse thoroughly with soap and plenty of water. Protective gloves and splash goggles recommended.



In order to apply Ultrabind Glide the following tools are required:

• Cloths or rags – with which to wipe down the affected areas/tools



Ultrabind Glide TDS

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